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Having thought about this more, I am convinced we’re at the start of a tipping point on the militarization issue being recognized by the general public. The combination of what looked like a military response in Ferguson to the aftermath of what appears to have been for all intents and purposes an execution of that young man is just the kind of in your face example that it takes sometimes for people to wake up. It isn’t white (Boston) vs black (Ferguson). Boston was a terrorist act at one of the largest and most iconic events in the country vs the shooting in the back by the local police of an 18 year old with his hands up. Maybe the kid was mouthy and maybe he initially refused orders by the police or even got physical with the police but the last I looked that doesn’t carry a death sentence after he tries to surrender.

Ferguson might well be a **** hole on the decline and maybe it was on the mend instead. I’m not in a position to know, but I don’t think it matters if it proves to be the catalyst to stop the militarization of the police. And yes I agree that there is a double standard when it comes to black vs white crime reporting in the media but I don;’t think that is the key difference between Ferguson and Boston. The larger issue for the American people however is militarization of the police.

In a news show this morning there was a segment on the militarization issue and they showed a map of where MRAPs have gone. TX has gotten the most at 68 I believe it was but I was floored to see VT got one too, I looked it up and it went to the State Police. As noted previously, we don’t even have 24 hour a day coverage by the State Police. Our largest city (Burlington) has a population of 42,000. There aren’t any ghettos in VT nor do we have the associated gangs. You can count on your fingers the number of murders each year, and we needed an MRAP? I’m glad that the media is finally talking about the larger issue.