Lone Eagle
Lone Eagle

Where I’m at in the Rockies, we get dumped on in the winter. Last winter, I had 3′ of snow in the driveway, up to 5′ in some areas of the yard. Keeping the roof cleaned off was a full-time job. Ice on the power lines became a real problem. If you didn’t have a 4×4 truck, you weren’t going far until the road was plowed. My stock F-150XL handled it like a champ.

I, too, am on well water, but have a work-around. I dropped a second line down the shaft, and have a 12V self-priming pump on hand(runs at 45PSI). If he power goes down, I simply hook up the pump, string out a hose, and pump away from a car battery. We help each other in my area, so they know, “have pump, get water”. This fall, I have a natgas genny coming with propane option. Our natgas stations have backup pumps powered off natgas, so at least that keeps flowing.

Never challenge a man who has nothing left to lose.