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I am so upset! just had code enforcement come by and I was told it is now against the law for anyone to collect rainwater in my county because it belongs to the government. I also can not have my livestock if I plan on eating them, nor can I grow my garden unless I have a permit. WTH!!!!!! I live in a rural area not urban. I can’t grow a garden in my yard without consent and with that consent it is only certain foods they specify I can grow. I can no own livestock if they are meant for food. Rainwater that my God drops from the heaven belongs to the government and I can go to jail if I continue to collect it. I have two weeks to get rid of my livestock and tear down my gardens or I will be fined. I was a smarty and said well what do you want me to do with them, you said I can’t eat them. What is our government up to? Something is up my friends, they want us to totally rely on them for all of our needs. I am going to fight this. Martin Luther King stood up and said no, This white girl isn’t going to take this sitting down!