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The only other thing with weapons after the persons ability and mentality to use them is in a group to have people able to cover as many possibilities and skill matches as possible. Cool everyone has same gun /ammo a plus on ability to keep stuff running and more of an ammo pool to start. Bad if you dont have anymore of certain caliber you are all out … empty gun scares 2 people person aiming it and person being aimed at who breaks first?

Some on our group, well marksmanship is low to medium at best with practice maybe get to medium anything beyond 200 m is an iffy shot when not on bench rest. do they need a “sniper” weapon? 12 gauge is fearsome weapon especially in close quarters you hit and 50% death chance instantly. We have women as well weight of ammo and rifle precludes effective use of M1A style weapon due to weight of both the platform and ammo. Does that mean using a Carbine or a sub gun is any less effective?

suspected of military ammo? you guys are joking right… you are going to let them “check” your weapons after you had to obtain ammo by same type of people? If that ever comes to that things are way beyond todays situation, having todays mentality means you probably will not make it.

Look to military squad use of fire power and figure out which is a most applicable for your skills and personal load out. Practice as a group so many things you will need to learn before it happens when mistake is awww damn i failed not way worse. practice practice practice… yes getting old hopefully means getting smarter to compensate for deterioration of physical prowess. 85 year old martial arts instructor can still best me and 2 other students at the same time no holds barred not some showy stuff either..timing patience matching strength to weakness understanding the art of war. A huge dose of LUCK helps…sometimes just not your time to go.