SJ, I wasn’t jumping on you for using the Inverted load, I was pointing out to those who haven’t the knowledge and experience from developing and using them, that they aren’t the best choice in comparison for the non-dedicated personnel as they may not get the results expected.

I DO like reloads/handloads, I have countless thousands within feet of me here at my shop and at home. However most people do not put the same care and attention into their loads as some others do. I feel that the average person would be better served by saving their pennies and buying factory ammo to eliminate many variables and risks.

As to the court cases, while anecdotal Ayoob’s relating of the court cases are accurate in that the ammunition used were a major part of the prosecutions attack in court rather than the only reason for the charges. Online versions, no clue where. I’m afraid that the versions I had were hard copies, both in magazines and also copies of the court documents from an evidence course I was part of, as an instructor. Having just moved my shop, finding any of my paperwork from those days is going to be next to impossible for a while and it’s possible that the docs were left with the rest of the training material at the PD when I left.

However for those interested, the cases involved are:

New Hampshire vs. James Kennedy (late 70’s)
Rockingham County Superior Court, PO Box 1258, Kingston, NH 03843.
152 N.J. 361 (1998)
704 A.2d 1297
The Supreme Court of New Jersey.
January 15, 1998.
Superior Court of New Jersey
Warren County
313 Second Street
PO Box 900
Belvedere, NJ 07823

Here’s a link to Ayoob’s online write up on these.


I came into LE work late in life, having done and been many things before getting ‘stupid’ and putting on the badge.
Unlike the officers you relate about in another post, I try to keep an open mind and not judge people, not my job then or now. My job was not only to protect and serve, but also to keep the peace. Not to ‘harass and terrify’ as some seem to do nowadays, but to fight the lawyers before I had to fight them in court.

And anything you could do to head the bottomfeeders off before they can get a full head of steam is a good thing.
I was the evidence tech for two different departments, there are a great deal of things that are looked at, some can be skewed by unscrupulous lawyers, some are just facts that can be proven and reproven by both sides. The less variables you have in any equation, the better. Factory ammo removes one variable.

SJ, we agree to disagree, we are in perfect agreement to that.