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I work here in Ferguson about 2 blocks from the burned out QT convenience store. The Target parking lot across the street is the staging area for the police. The Ferguson Police Chief just “fired” the St. Louis County PD officers that have been augmenting his 53 Officer force.

The view here is that if you come dressed for combat, you should expect combat. I have to agree with the Governor on this one…this is not a military operation. This is a policing operation. The people of Ferguson are not the ones rioting, either….the rioters are from outlying communities where they are taking a break from their drive by’s and shitting up their own communities to screw up Ferguson. The community here has been working very, very hard to improve and rid themselves of urban blight…their schools just re-certified their accreditation and all the kids here were excited about returning to school…now postponed to Monday. This is a real tragedy for this community. New businesses were finally moving back in. Good restaurants opening up. Streets clean and tidy. Thugs used this crisis as an excuse to create chaos and turmoil.

So, my co-workers used to make fun of me for coming in here every day with my get home bag in my truck that includes an Israeli style gas mask, machete, tazer disguised as a cell phone and enough shelter, water and food to get me home even if I have to walk 50 miles to get there. I do not appear quite so weird now. Now, most of them have created their own mapped to what I carry. Oh, and this is a “gun free” campus. Yeah, right. Not so much.