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I have searched for the two “examples” that you gave. Google did not pull up any information on them and all I found was pages and pages about the urban legends that were created by Massad Ayood’s speculation. If you have links I would love to see them because I sure can’t find anything and neither can numerous sources to include the NRA and multiple law reviews. I would love to see the facts of those cases. Even a case number and district would suffice.

You immediately jumped on me for my “old loads” when I was just mentioning some of the self defense loads I made for personal use. I also stated that your comments regarding reloaded defense rounds versus factory ones were of no concern to me. So what? I never called you out until you pressed your OPINION as FACT on several comments I made regarding what and how I do things. At no time did I ever call anyone out or discredit their way of doing things when I first posted. I simply let people know that they needed a resupply plan and reloading was a very viable option and recommended by me. I even ended it with the fact that it was my “$.02.”

Let me explain something to you so that we are on the same page…… You can have your opinion and so can I. I do things that work for me. You have your favorites. Just because I think that something is a good thing doesn’t mean that it is wrong. The same with you. We can definitely disagree due to our own life experiences and can share those. That is a good thing as long as both sides respect each other’s experiences. My statement that, “If the stipling and blood spatter don’t support the actual events, I would go to jail for shoddy forensics work anyway. The bullet fragmentation wouldn’t trump the rest of the evidence. If it did, I would figure it was because of the state I decided to live in. That should be part of your risk analysis anyway,” did not attack you in any form or fashion. I was stating my opinion based upon what I know from forensics used in court cases where I live. Simple. Then you had to try and attack my opinion? I don’t get that in such a friendly forum. Not only that, but bring more than a couple vague references, support from someone who is well known for quoting his speculation as gospel, and some testing other than “I made a number of these for a friend” as a rebuttal, please.

As for you not liking reloads….. This is all over your posts. You don’t like them and don’t trust them. You cite antecdotal evidence all over the place. I am sorry that I paraphrased your multitude of posts as your belief that “handloads were such crap.” You feelings on them are quite obvious, though.

I understand that you were a LEO and are retired from that profession. I appreciate the years that you spent to get to where you are in life. Please don’t force your opinion as fact the way that you did when you were a LEO…… We mere civilians can actually be educated and have a brain contrary to what you were taught on the force.

I openly apologize to the masses if this discussion caused any issues. I am out for lunch and done posting for a while, I think. Learning from open minded people in a friendly environment should be fun and not work.