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In surfing through, I decided that I would toss my list into this mix as well:

I use a Dillon 550b for my mass reloading jobs such as .45 ACP, 9mm, and .223.

For hunting I have 2 Lee presses, 1 old turret style that I have had for years and 1 single stage press. They work great for my hunting loads where I am measuring and remeasuring. For priming my hunting rounds I use a hand primer so I can feel how well I seat it, check to see if I need to swage the pocket, etc.

My powder measures are either Lee or RCBS. My Lee is set for my .300 Wby and I don’t mess with it. I have 1 RCBS with the pistol cylinder thing and 1 for rifle. The pistol is set for .44 mag, but the other one for rifle changes between 30-06, 8 mm, and 30-30. I went with multiple measures to make things easier for me while reloading. The less I have to change around for each caliber the better.

My dies are most RCBS, but I do have a Hornady die for my 9mm. They are just what I ended up with and have used for years. No real thought into buying them.

RCBS primer swager.
Frankford case tumbler.
Various scales… RCBS beam, Lee (most accurate) beam, Lyman beam, Hornady beam, and Frankford digital.