It’s context, plain and simple.

When those two dipshits set off that oversized cherry bomb in Boston, declaring Martial Law, wiping their ass with the Constitution, deploying tanks (use whatever euphemism you want – if it has ablative armor, gun ports and a turret, it’s a tank. Don’t matter if it has wheels and run-flats or treads..), and marching around in all their cool-guy tactical ****, intimidating the hell out of everyone, was “justified” because those two dipshits were “terrorists”…

But down in MO, frankly the “protesters” are protected-class blacks. Don’t matter that they’re looting, burning, shooting and tossing flaming bombs… they are protected and the cops reacting to their actions are “militarized” and unjustified…

I know I’m taking an opposite stance to my traditional one – that being that yes, cops are indeed “militarized” and have a HULK SMASH! attitude – but I’m playing devil’s advocate in the face of media hypocrisy so nauseating I just threw up in my mouth a bit…

When it’s a largely white neighborhood and they’re hunting “terrorists” – two dickheads who set off a home-made oversized cherry bomb – the cops are justified in acting like the Soviets invading Budapest… when it’s blacks burning, looting and throwing bombs, everyone starts boo-hooing and decrying the heavy-handedness of the cops….

What a load of ****.

Can’t have it both ways. Sorry.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1