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I think that there is a slow awakening even if most are afraid to say it out loud. There have just been too many incidents of over-militarized police relative to the issue at hand for them to ignore forever.

A few nights ago after it was dark I had gotten myself lost in a rural area I had never been in before and pulled in to a gas station to ask directions. There happened to be two State Police cruisers there, one getting gas and the other clearly had stopped to talk to the 1st one while he got gas. Years ago I wouldn’t have thought twice about the manner in which I walked up to them and asked for directions. The other night I thought to myself don’t startle them and keep a non-threatening distance. That I would even think about such things in rural VT surprised me. They were incredibly helpful and after a pleasant exchange I was on my way but my own apprehension earlier bothered me nonetheless. This is the slow mental shift that the militarization of the police is bringing on, and one by one people are taking notice.