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Theft ticks me off SO much. You work your tail off to EARN something and some self absorbed FSA member comes by and just takes it… GRRR!!! Stealing something like a firearm has got to be the top of my list, though.

When I was deployed (many years ago) our babysitter stole 2 of my pistols along with lots of jewelry, watches, coats, appliances, etc. We were living in Kalifornia at the time so when they found my pistols, they would not return them because they were seized in a drug raid. Both were destroyed…… Such a waste.

I know that I don’t protect my firearms nearly enough at my home and I even keep a disassembled rifle in my truck with parts scattered in different compartments and locations. One of these days I need to upgrade to a safe at home rather than “security cabinets,” but money has been tight until I picked up a second job. I am sure I will get a couple small safes soon, though.