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Thank you for the input, and I’m glad you have all appreciated the account of the Blackout! It was the most enlightening experience I’ve ever had in terms of needing to change my mindset. Having grown up in the Detroit area I was already VERY street-smart, but once I clawed my way up into a successful career I found I had put that “anything to survive” mentality aside to enjoy the spoils of my new life. It was only when I saw how fragile that new life was that the reality of the situation became evident: in a moment, everything can stop. And when it does, it’s up to YOU to survive. I figured out a way to maintain a comfortable balance between the two.

You are absolutely correct, Colin: mental preparedness is the most important skill all of us can ever have. This might be a lot of the reason so many of us are having trouble finding local like-minded people to band with. Most of us here have had some experience or influence that allowed us to use our fears as motivation to prepare ourselves and become much more self reliant. Sadly, I’ve found out just how much we are all in the minority, since it seems like the rest of the population shies away from that same fear, refusing to acknowledge it.