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On the neighbors issue, whether they are good, bad, or indifferent, they will be part of your reality come a SHTF scenario. The time to get to know them isn’t after the SHTF. They don’t have to be your best friend but it is to your advantage to know enough about them so that you have at least a general sense of their strengths and weaknesses. Will they be an asset or a liability?

Two years ago one of my brothers died unexpectedly in his home after going into a diabetic coma. He lived by himself and had lived there for several years. The day after the funeral was over and I had finished tending all of the immediate issues, I went to several of his neighbors to leave my contact info and instructions to call the police and me if they saw any vehicle other than my truck or my nephew’s car there (he lived out of state too). None of them even knew he had died, and it was apparent they didn’t know him at all. Somehow they had missed all the police, ambulance and coroner’s office (unattended death) commotion after he was found following a wellness check. Me, a perfect stranger to all of them, filling my truck with stuff my nephew wanted brought to his place didn’t trigger a “what’s going on” response, nor the estranged wife who was also a complete stranger to all of them being she had never lived there hauling stuff she wanted out of the house before she headed home (also out of state). And this was a very nice suburban neighborhood where I’d of expected everyone to know everyone else. I can just imagine the post-SHTF meet and greet in that neighborhood.