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IMO you can’t have enough ammo. Now I’m not telling you to go waiting outside the WW and demand all of their .22 ammo. Im saying if you have the cheddar and the time go buy yourself a box of something and call it a day. I think of it this way: How many people live around you? How do they act under normal circumstances and how do you think they would act when things go bad? Again, I’m not telling you to creep around your local supermarket eyeing people like Gollum from LOTR, just rather observe how people interact. These little things can help you design a proper loadout and storage strategy. I take all of these things into account when I am looking for things to store away, ammo included. Reloading isn’t for everyone, including me. I don’t have the space or time to make my own gumballs. My game plan is to have enough to accommodate my family and myself in our current surroundings.