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I must respectfully contend your points for many reasons:

1) I was seriously hoping your were not perpetuating the urban legend created by Massad Ayoob. There is and never has been a single documented case where a hand load was the the focus or supporting cause for a lawsuit. He even admitted that his statement was sheer speculation. Numerous articles by lawyers have been published regarding this fact. There is tons of speculation regarding the reproduction of results if specifics about stipling, trajectory, energy transfer, cavitation, blood splatter, etc., are required for a trial. Again, most of the argument is based upon speculation about the variances in loaded results of a small sampling versus large sampling of factory loads. To reiterate, this has been completely based upon speculation and not actual court cases. Google it. Ironically, the main contributors to this urban legend are law enforcement personnel that are quoting their internal regulations and not civil cases.
2) People have been responsible for their own firearm loads for hundreds of years. From black powder muskets and muzzle loaders to bison hunters that didn’t trust the available factory loads so they did their own – in the field and with hand loaders. If you have ever ripped factory loads down to their components you would realize several things. The variance in powder charge alone can vary .3 – .5 gr per round out of the same box. The cases are not even mic’ed to be the same. They can be several 1000ths off and I have even got some that needed trimmed after ripping them down. Their tolerances are nothing to really write home to Mom about.

I know because I only use factory rounds for plinking. I even ripped apart 5 boxes of Corelokt just a couple weeks ago to reload them my way to find as much as .6 grains difference in those boxes. I have done this and checked factory loads a lot and still find several 10ths variance quite regularly. Mine do not have that variance.

Lastly, if handloads were such crap why do so many competition shooters reload their own? I will answer for you….. Loads are perfectly loaded for their particular firearm.
3) My family have loaded inverted wadcutters for years. We have shot thousands of rounds in this configuration. Unless we had a bad powder load (too light or heavy) or a firearm that didn’t like that particular weight bullet, we never had a problem. We didn’t base our conclusion on only a single batch of loads for a single firearm. These loads DO work, ARE well suited to doing high damage, and DON’T have the penetration that a JHP or other “modern” bullet. They ARE good loads for defense because they do high damage without the penetration. Again, not 1 time attempt, but our family has used the inverted wadcutter load since the 70’s for certain types of situations. Of course we don’t use them for bears or anything like that, but I am witness to the damage that they can do to animals as large as coyotes and wild dogs. Huge hole going in and no exit wound……

For everyone else:
I wanted to bring up some points that were being skirted around. Make sure you have a resupply plan, no matter what it is. For me, I will reload my ammo as needed just like outdoorspeople have done for hundreds of years.