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I agree w/FREE and Malgus Both.

I just think Malgus misunderstood Freedom’s explanation. I subscribe to a very similar theory.
China will get maximum return for every U$T Bond possible, then use the remainder as tinder for the fire they set under the remaining U$D and T-Bonds. But not knowing their schedule and rationale, they could be done with the U$T Bond and the U$D at any time, but the Gold Buying Patterns suggest they are not done yet, but maybe slowing down?

IMO, they can let the Gold prices run up a bit, and then folks will start selling again, especially those that bought in near the $1920 peak. Everyone has a point where they will liquidate, especially if they are under water. I see a possibility for much more Gold Buying (and selling, can’t have buyers w/o sellers) if the rise in prices is slow and orderly. If it spikes suddenly, folks will hold and everyone will want to buy. Net result: high demand, low supply, quick run-up in prices.

Just my 2¢ worth, people. But I have followed this economic crash stuff HEAVILY for the last 5-1/2 years now…

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