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I have a more troubling scenario that will PLEASE and DISPLEASE everyone at once, simultaneously.

In my opinion, Snowden was what they call “controlled opposition”. Here’s a post or two I lifted from Silverdoctors, that I made earlier this year…

July 4, 2014

I have said since near the beginning, that Snowden is very likely “controlled opposition”

His “prediction” of a Solar Killshot never happened (Sept. 2013) which, IMO, is the info that made him
“fly the coop” and desert his NSA post. All the stuff he has released so far is simply “proof” of things we
suspected all along, and as you point out, Prometey… available for any literate person…

I think Snowden is a “heroic person” but I suspect his psych profile is why he was allowed to work @NSA
and he fulfilled their wishes perfectly. Check, but not Mate


Feb. 24, 2014

IMO he (another whistleblower) could be like Snowden. I believe he (Snowden) is what he says he is, and he was leaking information that came across his terminal. They kept feeding him more and more sensational stuff (which they wanted “released”) but he did not bolt. Until they gave him that bogus “Solar Kill Shot” EMP BS. “Gubbment Psychics see NOTHING using RV past mid or late September 2013″ so Snowden bolted, and released that info, so people could “prepare for the worst” so to speak. TPTB had to feed him that BS to get him to fly. We all knew the rest of it anyway, at least in our GUT. Now we “Know It” intellectually and KLUMMAC has even said yes, we do this, but we are just looking at terrorists and not American citizens… L stands for LIAR, in KLUMMAC!
“V” might be the same type of controlled release. Completely believable, and honestly telling what he knows. But maybe just what they want him to “know”. Also, remember that the best lies contain copious amounts of truth, interspersed with just enough venomous lies to get the desired result.

So here we have it, Snowden did what he thought best, yet we still must take EVERYTHING HE SAYS with a shaker-full of Salt. He is believable, yet must be thoroughly checked and monitored. (his info, that is).
ALL of the data he is releasing is suspect, and the folks running these items across his screen while he was employed at NSA very well could have employed him so as to “release him into the wild” for these things he is now dispersing.

The NSA Data Center in Utah was featured in one of my professional publications and those that read it knew it had massive data storage capabilities, like Snowden has told us. Our people working there are the best and brightest, and we can put the pieces together as well as any group.

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