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I did not make it. I just posted a link to the project but I would imagine if you had a gas forge and all your materials ready it would probably take 4-5 hours depending on your skill level. It might take a little longer depending on how you heat treat or temper the steel. The harder the steel is the better edge retention you get but it is also more likely to chip the edge during use. If it is softer it doesn’t chip as easily but you will have to sharpen it more often. You have to find a happy median depending on the blades use. Normalizing the blade is a good idea too. Normalizing is done after you have tempered the blade. The blade is warmed up to a couple hundred degrees (3-400F) and held at that temperature for a while (45 mins- 1 hr.) and then allowed to air cool. This heating does not affect the temper and allows any stress points created by beating or bending the metal to relax and you get an even tension throughout the blade. Stress point are weak spots that could cause a crack or even failure over time and rough use. These processes are not included in the 4-5 hours estimated above.

A descent starter anvil can be made from an old piece of railroad track if you can get your hands on some.