I think you underestimate the Chinese.

I was told the following by an old NCO back in the day when I was still a young pup and there was no Internet. I have no reason to doubt it’s accuracy, but then again, I cannot prove it actually happened because everything has been scrubbed down the Memory Hole and everyone denies it took place…. but for me, governments issuing denials is almost as good as admitting it happened.

Back in the 60’s or 70’s, I don’t remember when it was (likely the 60’s), but China and Russia had a border dispute. Russia said they owned this scrap of land. China said they owned it. Back and forth it went. Tensions escalated.

Finally, Russia moved a tremendous number of troops onto this scrap of land – multiple divisions, if memory serves – and basically said “If you want it, come get it.”

Because the scrap of land was in dispute, China decided to perform a “nuke test” over this piece of ground. Multiple divisions of Russian soldiers were vaporized and killed.

We know that a “nuke test” was conducted because the seismograph guys said it registered on their equipment. We also know bits and pieces from the Russian side – mostly thousands of civilians who got letters in the mail saying something to the effect of “We regret to inform you that your son was killed in a training accident while…”

Edit: All these Russian parents got the letters at the same time. If you added up the numbers, it was a tremendous number of troops that “died in a training accident”, yet, no “training accident” large enough to kill them all was ever announced or admitted…

I truly believe that the Chinese nuked that crappy scrap of land and wiped out thousands of Russian troops, more to demonstrate their resolve than to fight over some useless scrap of land that has almost no value.

Do not underestimate the Chinese.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1