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Exactly! In recent years we have been prepared for this very scenario via various headlines and movies. The movie Outbreak was an Ebola movie and then there was the movie Contagion and all the zombie like movies and TV shows. They have been covertly preparing us for such an event. Why? The economy. The dollar is in a freefall and the BRICS nations will ensure it’s demise and don’t forget where we stand with the petro dollar, it is also doomed. We are heading for a collapse and in the very near future. TPTB do not want to be blamed for the collapse so they will create some huge event to lay blame, Ebola pandemic, war with Syria-Russia-ISIL-anyone, internet hacking of our banking system/wall-street, the list could on go on forever. If they don’t use the Ebola tactic to take us down they will use something else. But be prepared for any of these events as one will occur.