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A couple things….

You are correct about QuikClot and those type products. You have to seriously irrigate the wound after it was applied. This is usually done at the hospital. This is even more involved if it has already started to heal in any manner for then it must be debrided, cleaned, and rebandaged. You can actually do the same thing as QuikClot with table salt or sugar. This method was used a lot when cutting calves/horses/sheep when bleeding was uncontrolled. It stopped it quite well and efficiently. Of course you still have to clean and irrigate the wound after bleeding is controlled as in the case of QwikClot.

In a situation where hemorrhage is possible, don’t take any sort of anticoagulant and expect normal control of blood loss. It won’t happen as predicted.

In regard to antifunguals…. In treating skin conditions there is a saying:
If it is dry, wet it.
If it is wet, dry it.
If antifunguals don’t work, use a topical steriod.

SO… If you run out of your antifungual creme, you can also use Vicks vapor rub or IcyHott quite effectively as well. The active ingredients are also antifunguals.

In case you were wondering, I was a paramedic before I joined the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman (10 years). Most of my time was direct patient care and working with the Marines. I also taught ACLS, BLS, Combat Lifesaver, and EMT courses so I have a little bit of medical training….. Some…..