.22 has been ‘currency’ before.

My grandfather related many times the stories about being young during the depression and .22 being better than money at times. Of buying single rounds when a box of 50 wasn’t affordable. Of trading .22 for goods when money wasn’t around.

Later in life, after I came along, he kept ammo on hand, but not as much as one might expect.
There was two bricks of .22 in the drawer as long as I could remember, and a box or two of shotshells for each shotgun but no more.

Odd for a man who went through what he did, but he also knew he could always get more.
Through nefarious means I am certain. Considering what he did in WWII, I am certain he would get what he needed.

Again, I think that in many situations what you have is exactly what you will have for the duration.
What makes me concerned is that what one is carrying (CCW) is potentially the limit for what you may have for the duration. Zero resupply from your home/stockpile, zero trading, zero ammo that can be used without risk.

Me, I have a dwindling supply of .22, the shortage has hit even dealers hard and my stockpile is lower than I’d ever have been comfortable with. I have enough for our use, but want to double my count as soon as I can. Better to have and not need.

Personally, I actually don’t know how many rounds I have for many calibers.
The handloaded ammo in many cases is loose packed in ammo cans, boxes or smaller buckets and I could only approximate. Factory ammo, I keep a small amount in comparison, mostly ‘duty’ ammo and am building my stockpile up again, having used some of it for business purposes.

Depending on your situation, one may only need a handful of rounds for the rest of time, others may need thousands. Again, better to have and not need.
I don’t buy into the 1-2K per gun, because for some it may put more of a strain on the floor joists than they could handle. But I do believe in having a good number for working guns. Especially if you are in an area where it’s hard to come by now, let alone later.