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This occurred to me when I saw the posting.
Most of these signs will not be as obvious as we might think. Start thinking of alleys, back roads,
underpasses, places where homeless and “hobos” would frequent. More research needed, for me at least.
But you gotta connect with your inner hobo :D

Had an older friend when I was a teen, he was married, and had a small child. He had a car, small rental house, and very few belongings. But he was smart. He would put maybe $1 of gas in his Vista Cruiser, (gas was cheap then) and gor for days. Store, work, back home… He taught me how to game the food stamp system. (it was legal, but took math skills, which I had) He said when the cashier rang up the total, and said $5.69, ask “can I have a candy bar/gum/etc” to make the total just over the next dollar amount, which was paid out in coin, not food stamps. He used this “change” for fuel. We also played PacMan :D We could easily play for an hour, one game. Fun does not have to be expensive…

"ROGUE ELECTRICIAN" Hoping to be around to re-energize the New World.....

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