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Amanda11 wrote:
I’m sure you’ve been assigned responsibility for more than your fair share of outages, RGR, since we always look for the easiest to blame!! ;-)

Yes, I have felt that…

I was once accused (or my shop was) of trying to rip off an older lady, I had bought 2 baseboard heaters to replace the two that she had told me had quit working. 1 had worked great and had quit, the other one had worked sporadically and now not at all. So I was prepared to replace BOTH. The house was way out in the hills. A good Boy Scout is PREPARED!
Once I tore into the first heater, (it had worked normally then quit) I found it to be BAD. But the second heater was wired to it in such a way that it only came on when the first one called for heat. Hence the sporadic operation (the second one could not turn on unless both rooms were cold). These should NEVER be connected this way. So I fixed the connections, and told the elderly lady that it was Good News, she only needed 1 heater.
By the time I got back to the shop, the lady’s son had called up and chewed out my boss, assuming that someone had tried to pull a fast one. He must have misunderstood what had actually happened, or was just stupid. If we were trying to rip her off, why would I have just replaced one???
Sometimes the good deed does not go unpunished, but I wished it would have! LOL

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