Sledjockey: The old inverted HBWC load is an old load, and unfortunately not as effective in testing as many factory JHP’s. I made a number of these for a friend, he ended up shooting a skunk with one and it was literally shoved backwards by the shot. With some practice shooting a few days later, he found the bullets were hitting the target at 10Y fully sideways. Some guns don’t like the old loads like this.

I handload for my own use and also commercially as part of my job.
But until it’s post-SHTF, I’m going to stick to factory ammo for defensive shooting, better and cheaper to fight the lawyers before something happens than after.

I won’t say how many rounds I could produce but I have a number of buckets of brass that I just had to move (relocated the shop) and last I checked was set up to load some 75 cartridges or better.

I have long argued that when SHTF, what you have is all you’re going to have.
Resupply or scrounging at that point is highly risky at best.
Depending on what happens, looking for ammo means that you have a gun (possibly empty) and are a target for the .gov and any other predators out there who want your gun.

Put it back while it’s still fairly cheap and reasonably available. Put back what you think you might need for the rest of your life, just in case.