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So this is a new statement:

“They will be wiped out. Nothing will remain there. The heads of these dwarf states should think who they are,” Zhirinovsky, a deputy speaker of Russia’s lower house of parliament (Duma) said in an astonishing outburst on the state-backed Russia 24 TV channel station on Monday. The 65 year-old leader of the nationalist Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, an opposition politician who is seen as a close ally of the Kremlin, said that the fate of Eastern Europe is in the hands of one man, Vladimir Putin. “All questions of war and peace in general and in particular those relating to Ukraine will be solved by one person, the head of the Russian Federation,” he said. “The Baltic States and Poland are doomed. They will be wiped out. Nothing will remain there,” Zhirinovsky said. On attempts by Polish and other CEE leaders to beef up NATO’s defences in the region, the politician, often described as “controversial but charismatic” appeared to predict World War III. ”