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History is what it is, and sometimes it isn’t pretty or by current standards right, and almost always it is more complicated than is convenient. One of my ancestors was a key player in the 1637 Pequot War in Connecticut. This was the first major English-Indian war in the new world. The war ended with the almost total slaughter of the tribe. Tribes friendly to the English helped in that slaughter, a piece of the history that is no longer convenient because the current meme requires that all of the bad stuff needs to have been done by the English. As horrific as the events of 1637 were, using it today as justification for the “English guys were bad” meme by applying modern day wishful thinking that if it weren’t for those nasty English guys there would have been a happy ending with rainbows and puppy dogs for all. Some modern day historians want to make the Pequots only guilty of not understanding that the English and Dutch were not one and the same (Dutch do something bad and the Pequots retaliate against the English). That fits the noble savage living in harmony with mother earth meme but its not the way it was.

My ranting here is over modern day revisionists who want to force fit history into their current agendas. That’s all. I’m a New Englander, conservative by our standards, but that would probably put me to the left of Democrats in TX. I support equal rights for all, but I darn well subscribe to assimilation of immigrants rather than embracing multiculturalism, and I want folks to take responsibility for their own lives and not look to Uncle Sugar to meet all their needs, and that applies to both natives and immigrants. What made this country great will not survive if we destroy the culture that made it great.

Coming back to the purpose of this site, survivability in a SHTF scenario, a multicultural society will find it far more difficult to work together under duress than would a society that shares the same values and culture.