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Although many people have chimed in, I don’t see much in the way of resupply of ammo being discussed. I will start off with my thoughts on ammo stockpiles and then move on to resupply…..

I personally keep about 7.5k of .22lr on hand as sheer base stock level. I do this because .22 is GREAT trading stock if need be, a whole pile can be carried for a minimum weight compromise, and the .22 has a wonderful array of firearms that take that round. Because I can’t resupply .22lr (being a rimfire) like I can centerfire cartridges, I keep more of that on hand.

For my 5.56/223, I keep around 2k on hand. 9mm I try and keep 3k (my CQB round of choice), .45ACP 1k, and all my hunting loads (30-30, 30-06, 300Wby, 45-70, .44 Mag) I keep around 200 ready to go.

NOW, here is the kicker….. I reload. Because of this, I keep at least another 2k of my “battle rounds” (223, 9mm, .45ACP) in components and at least another 500 in components for each of my hunting calibers. Of course I have various types of loads and can load various configurations for each of my weapon systems.

For shotgun, I keep 200 .410 for my single shot and about 1k of various shells for my 12 gauges. This includes steel shot, lead bird shot, slugs, buckshot, trap loads, etc…… I am getting a shotgun shell reloader in a few months so these numbers will change a bit at that point.

The comment about reloaded cartridges leading to the conviction of the one person really is not a concern for me. I reload for hunting and stay with the same bullet brands/types for the most part. I also live in a gun friendly state. The only special loads I do are inverted wadcutters for home defense. If the stipling and blood spatter don’t support the actual events, I would go to jail for shoddy forensics work anyway. The bullet fragmentation wouldn’t trump the rest of the evidence. If it did, I would figure it was because of the state I decided to live in. That should be part of your risk analysis anyway……

That is my take on the whole thing, but much is echoed by other posts. I would strongly suggest you get set up with reloading, however. Whether you stick with bushcrafting type activities, just hunting, are prepping for SHTF, or whatever, it is just like any other preparations you make. If you bug in, you don’t have to have as much on hand at any one time because you can always “make more.” If you bug out, you will not want all the weight associated with large amounts of ammo anyway. Either way, you could cheaply increase your ammo count by 2-3x for the same costs and if ammo gets scarce again, trading reloads for needed items is a great way to replenish other supplies as well. It also allows you to set up each weapon for maximum effectiveness with regard to load…..

My $.02……