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I should probably take Malgus’s Dad’s advice but I’m really tired of denying history in favor off modern day political correctness. In the 1600’s & 1700’s the Massachusetts Bay Colony was not multicultural. Most were English and Puritan, and the Puritans weren’t an especially tolerant lot. In the 1630’s one of my ancestors was kicked out of Boston for voicing religious differences. Women had few rights and while there were never very many slaves in New England, those that were here had even less. Even with only white Christian males having much in the way of rights, our Town Meeting form of govt. was more democratic than anything else in existence at the time in the other colonies or in Europe. This was the society that the “shot heard ’round the world” came from. It’s who those farmers and merchants were that picked up their rifles and beat back what was the best trained and equipped army in the world. Some now view it as racist and sexist to acknowledge that but it doesn’t change the fact of who it is that gave us the framework upon which the greatest nation on earth emerged, even if we were slow to right the wrongs of that colonial society.