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My father had three punks with gang looking tattoos try and rob him a couple of years ago. He had to pull his LCR, which they ignored to some degree until he shined the laser at one of their crotch regions. I guess my dad told them that their “cajones” would be the first thing to go. He then had the 3 young punks leave their pants and weapons. According to my father’s reasoning shooting would make them a martyr of sorts, but walking home in their under-britches is just humiliating…….

Yes, my father is a bit of a redneck.

The cops tracked down my dad a couple days later and asked for him to give a report. He refused and refused to press charges. Quickest way for those punks to find out where he lived and come back in force was my dad’s thoughts on it.

This whole change in how our youth look at our elders just chaps my hide. I was brought up to respect my elders. Even if they were asses, you were to respect the years they have successfully lived at least. Not everyone makes it to old age, so they did something right in that regard. So many youth now just regard our elders as a hinderance. Grrrrrrr…… I am getting annoyed just writing this. Time for some coffee…