OP Marine states what will be necessary to restore the liberties and power that have been usurped from the citizenry. Observing what will be necessary and a call to arms are two entirely different things.

He is, of course, quite correct. The ballot box has been rendered useless. Actually, it is worse than useless – it offers the illusion of being able to “do something” about our current situation and fools people into thinking they still have power, when in reality it does nothing except gets them to go back to sleep for another 4 years or so…

That leaves the cartridge box.

However, in such a situation, it is absolutely necessary to hold the moral high ground, since the support of the citizenry will be required for success – even passive support. This dictates that those in power must do something outrageously heinous, which would then justify a reaction to it. That reaction would, by definition, be viewed as morally righteous. Unfortunately, this means that “they” get the first move.

If FREEFOR makes the first move, then SLAVEFOR gets to define the narrative. And, of course, FREEFOR will be painted as “terrorists” and worse, which will justify all sorts of nastiness and drive away support – even passive support. Since most in this country are brain-washed, brain-dead sheep who actually believe the MSM – including FAUX N00ze – tells the truth, they will believe whatever the talking heads (and their controllers) tell them.

As far as folks “not out there doing it”… perhaps you remember the Bundy Ranch recently? That got their attention.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1