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Was a busy weekend. We did an upgrade on our production servers at work and yesterday was one of those “go home, put on gym shorts, cook something quickly and pass out on the couch after only 1/2 a beer” type nights.

Novus Ordo – Thanks for checking out my site. The whole thing was built as a way for me to put projects, trips, things I thought were interesting and the sort into an easy to reference location. So far it has worked out well for that purpose. It works VERY well with regard to my family….. “How did you do _________?” My response, “Take a look at this link I sent you……” Really cut down on all the time I spent on the phone with my mother and uncle. I highly recommend it for those of you who have family that ask a lot of questions.

I have never tried cooking with stoneware pottery other than a pizza stone. I do use the pizza stone to cook pizzas on my grill so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work over open flame. Will have to keep my eyes open at garage sales to find myself some stoneware to try it out…..

The fish board works very well. I don’t tie the fish on, though. I just cut a hole up near the tail and hook it over a finishing nail or piece of tie wire twisted into a hook. Using some cooking twine would allow me to pack the fish with all sorts of things for flavor (lemon/lime/orange slices, spices, etc.). Going to have to give that one a try.

Out in the woods, I use heat reflectors a lot. They help keep my shelter warm, evenly cook my chow, and help to keep from burning down things I don’t want burned. Many times (when I am spending multiple days in a single location) I build a fire trough versus a round fire. I then put a heat refector all along the back side of the trough. I can then spread out the coals and build fire in specific areas as needed for heat. I can then cook in the center and build up some bedding coals on the edge. Once done cooking it is a simple matter of spreading the coals out and stoking it for the night. Just a trick I learned after reading Sears (Nessmuk) as a kid.