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I’m sure you’ve been assigned responsibility for more than your fair share of outages, undeR, since we always look for the easiest to blame!! ;-)

The incredibly frustrating part was that even after this experience not ONE of the people staying with me gained any knowledge from it. I’ve often wondered if the experience was too easy on them, and they weren’t truly affected because they were “safe” in my apartment, so it was like a little adventure to them instead of being an eye-opening experience.

There will always be people who will simply expect to be saved. From what I experienced these will be the fastest depletion of your resources because they are unable or unwilling to adapt to a new reality around them. Looking back I can see that announcing what I had was a serious mistake: if it had continued much longer we would have had a serious problem on our hands. Not only with the lack of resources, but also a group that was only half loyal.