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I like the advice you have given. However I don’t think I need to protect myself from a suicide. What other senerio would this apply?

When a shooting is investigated, often the “shoot” is replicated, using “exemplars”, identical guns and ammo from the same batch (hence the box codes). By doing so, they can show that you did or did not fire the gun from a particular distance, it can be proven that an exit wound is not an entrance wound (this has happened), as well as other things.

Another reason to mark and save boxes/codes is bad ammo. It does happen and ammo is recalled. Which magazine or magazines is that recalled ammo in?
A customer brought me in a .22 handgun that had blown up, the ammo was at fault. But he had just bought a 12 year old box of ammo, which was under a recall. The ammo manufacturer paid for the repairs and replaced the ammo.