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How unbecoming, Underground.. and surprisingly, Freedom.

74 and his post, regarding the results of ‘scientific investigation’ is well worth note and consideration; rather than specious comment.Startled by your remarks. 74, the research he cited,…for one such as me that does not live in an urban environment (although I did for years…the results he referenced come as no surprise. YES?.. I Am happy. Mother Nature has provided more to assuage my soul and lighten the burdens of my life…than countless, thoughtless humand, striving to be ‘pc’, without truly thinking beliefs will ever be. Love ‘ya… but totally thoughtless comments, of course, to little me and, imjo. Ont tablet, pls forgive typos. 74, thumbs up to an open, thoughtful, inquisitive mind. I thank you sir.

Darn long day, as eloquent as can be.Bone tired. Can’t believe though what I judt read. Just goes to show you what makes the world go round.

Love to all truly, goodnight. Did I say b4 tablet keyboards suck?