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Main Battle Rifles, I suggest stacking 10,000 rounds (5.56)
I suggest 5000 for an AK, one is enough, and suggest lots of handgun ammo. (see above #’s)
Even more if you have PCC’s (pistol caliber carbines) which can be GREAT CQB weapons.
Working on 10K in 22 slr (what a CHORE that has been!) but most of it is good HV 22LR.
The shorts and subsonic 22’s are for the small game, and I have a Henry octagon barrel for those!

I really took Selco’s advice about weapons to heart, and interpret it to mean Guns and Ammo are your “Top Ten” prepper items. Everything else is 11 through 100+ :D (I do have an 11-100 list, too, so don’t judge!) lol

"ROGUE ELECTRICIAN" Hoping to be around to re-energize the New World.....

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