@ PaulC,

Concur with the others. For your main battle rifle – whatever that might be – at least 1 to 2 thousand rounds of GOOD ammo. In 5.56mm flavor, depending on the twist of your barrel, I would hunt down a few thousand rounds of Lake City production ammo…

But remember that it does not have to be FMJ ammo if you don’t want to use that. You are not limited by treaties and protocols that force you to use ball ammo. HP ammo is much more effective against soft targets. I have standard ball ammo and other, specialized, rounds for different purposes…

Then again, any ammo is better than no ammo. Stockpile a couple thousand rounds of ball, then work on your specialized flavors…

Cheaper than Dirt, Gunbroker.com, a few other places.. buy bulk ammo. Don’t buy by the individual box, unless you can’t help it.

@ Red

Winchester high brass No. 1 buckshot is more effective than 00 buck.

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