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Amanda I am glad you came through your ordeal ok and were enlightened by your experience. What you described reminds me a lot of what happens in coastal areas when a hurricane hits. I’m sure you have learned many things since this happened and some of my suggestions you may already know.
1. If you still have running water fill your bathtub.(you never know when water may quit working). They also sell collapsible plastic tub liners you can fill. http://beprepared.com/aquapodkit-emergency-water-storage.html
2. Never let your gas tank get below a quarter of a tank. I would also suggest taking a gas can with gas in it and driving your car from a quarter of a tank till it runs out of gas and noting the mileage. This way you will know more precisely how far you can go in an emergency on 1/4 tank. Learn how to change your fuel filter and keep a spare in your vehicle. Running your car out of gas can suck trash from the bottom of the tank and clog your filter cutting off fuel to the engine.
3. Get with family members/friends and have a plan in place for future events. Being that you live in a small apartment you might even work out a plan of who brings what in an emergency. That would help you only keep the absolute necessities in your limited space.