Haven’t thought of old Rex in a long, long time… he was a good man.

I remember seeing footage of some old duffer – guy was a Marine who fought in WWII. He also boxed. He was in a liquor store, buying a bottle of booze – probably the only real enjoyment left in his life – and some tweaker punk comes up behind him and sticks his hand in the old duffer’s pocket, apparently in an effort to rob him…

This guy has lived through the Great Depression, known war and privation – hardships we are ignorant of today – and also had Japanese Marines try to kill him without success (no small feat, that)… and you’re gonna walk up and stick your hand in his pocket and try to rob him?

You’re outta your goddamned mind…

The old duffer turned around and whupped the ever-loving **** out of that punk… he left him alive, but just barely. Old folks don’t give a damn… one of the most dangerous people on earth is an old person – they just flat out don’t care anymore. When a person doesn’t care anymore, they are capable of anything…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1