I remember reading a long time ago about a guy who was bird hunting in Alaska.

His dog comes hauling ass back towards him, a very large bear hot on his ass.. Bird hunter guy stood his ground and unloaded every round of birdshot he had in his shotgun at the bear. Bear dropped dead at his feet.

It can happen. However, I’m not going bear hunting with a bunch of No. 8’s…

Luck can often save a man, if his courage hold.

But I’m not going to count on luck to save me. If I had nothing and all’s I had was enough coin for a High Point – and I needed something now, then I’d buy one and make do until I had enough coin for something better.

But knowing what I know, a High Point isn’t something I would trust my life in. “Dodgy” is a good adjective to describe them… sorry, but I’m an even bigger snob than Whirl. High Point, Jennings, Raven, Kel-Tec, Iver Johnson, Bryco… these pieces of **** have no earthly business being in existence. Just my opinion… not saying folks haven’t defended themselves before with them in the past. I’m saying I wouldn’t own one. Ever.

Best advice I ever got was that if you owned one of these POS’s, the best thing you could do is toss the weapon to your opponent, since it was more of a danger to him if he fired it than it was to you…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1