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My HP experience varies a bit, but I did sell 2 C9s because of possible problems like Whirli listed.
I do still have 2 JCP 40s, and 2 JHP 40s, as well as one each of the carbines. I do plan to pick up
extra firing pins before SHTF, but I have “more expensive” weapons in all calibers except 45.
I plan on a 1911 (sweeet deal on an R1 once I decide to get it!)

A Hi Point can be good for many thousands of rounds typically before a firing pin needs replaced. But it is not all that uncommon. I myself did get these weapons as handouts, but they will likely be the last ones handed out, too. Depends on the person I’m arming. Excellent Barter Bait, if you go that route ;)

Just my 2¢

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