Highly interesting, but one must think of where to pinch pennies and certain items are not that place.

I look at the Hi Points as butterknife guns.

What are those? You wouldn’t waste a chefs knife when a butterknife would do.

In firearms that means the handout you give to someone to go get their own. Back in WWII, we dropped thousands of FP-45 “Liberator” pistols on France. Hardly a combat weapon, it was essentially a single shot .45 with some spare ammo in the handle.
The idea was for you to walk up to a German soldier, and plug him with the Liberator, take his rifle, ammo and grenades and hand the Liberator off to another partizan to do the same.
Pretty soon you are fairly well armed, hopefully having put your captured guns and gear to use.

There was no point dropping 1911s when we didn’t have enough for ourselves, but a cheap pos that only needed to fire a dozen times, that was possible.

Fast forward to today.
Everyone talks of consolidation, getting rid of odd guns and ammo.
When the better option is to just pick up a box or two of ammo for it and put it back after making sure it works and is sighted in.

Now when long lost cousin Vito comes over, you have something to give him that doesn’t take from your stores and he can go back home better off than he was, and acquire more.