This is a bit weird. Selco’s post and then a note from a member of a group:

Marsha Gale 10:46am Aug 10

Good morning all and hope all are safe and well. Someone is sick in my house so I’m headed to my little cabin. Her mother went to care for the 3 years old (both her daughter and grand-daughter live upstairs). Last time someone got sick upstairs it was not shared with us until everyone got sick. I mean seriously bad sick (the grand-daughter caught the Whooping Cough from her little best friend who goes to daycare, then we as adult’s got some mutated version of it and took me nearly a month myself to recover.) I’m going to practice isolation for a few days down there as I don’t know what it is yet she has. No one has been sick, we babysat last night so the Mom could have a girl’s night out. So, don’t know if she was already sick or played to much with her friends as in too much libation. So, for me, I’m practicing the art of isolation. We all talk about what we need in flu/cold/pandemic cases but we rarely talk about “Isolation”. So it is good we have a separate cabin which is a pond house with everything one needs except wi-fi. Books, movies, shower, cook stove, hot water, ac/electric heater and wood burning stove, port-o-pottie, cell phone and taking my dogs with me too. ”

LIke the person above I first react with isolation. Another member is really into the natural ways of healing and living. I try to get as much info from her as possible.

After 10 years in my primary BOL I am moving to my secondary. Mice, rats and ceiling falling in were too much for the owner to handle so the cabin is condemned. My buried stuff will remain but starting over with just ammo, weapons and information from this forum and Selco’s lists. My nurse friends have either moved or retired so I am going for stuff that a Vet uses. Bandages and such I can get anywhere. Add in the information from natural ways and I think I will be better off in new location than here. New location about 10 miles but on creek that feeds this river.