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With all due respect Road, and to the retired Marine, I say phooey to that line of thought. If the Founders allowed such fatalistic, negative thinking to consume them..much less waste precious energy bolstering such a view point we would, as a country never have come into being. Noah, just for instance, should you believe such a one ever existed; …he chuckles just a wee bit. I am in the middle of a desert. Build an ark, I believe this is what needs to be done. He does not let the laughter and derision of the naysayers dissuade him. Such is the strength of his belief in his goal. Let negative thinking and seemingly ‘important ‘facts” erode the strength of what is your (and in this case, our country’s) ideal and you give no energy, no strength, no faith in the ideals themselves we, as a country were founded upon. Right DOES make right. See it, believe it with every fibre and thought u can put forth. There IS no other way. WE WIll prevail. I, for one, refuse to believe otherwise. The fate of many things, including nations, oft rests on the strength of will and conviction. There is no room at the moment for anything else.