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The resistance to English thing is perhaps the most visible change that we have seen with immigrants. My mother’s parents were French Canadians but grew up bilingual as was the norm 100 years ago. My mother was born in Canada but they moved to NYC when she was just a baby. They spoke French in the home and my mother didn’t learn English until it was time to go to school. At that point my grandparents switched to English only and my mother actually forgot how to speak French. They were going to be Americans and never looked back.

As an aside, A few years back I went to the tiny village my grandmother was from in Quebec. Whereas 100 years ago she was bilingual, today nobody speaks English there. I was trying to find her home using an old photo and kept walking up to people using a couple of what were surely unintelligible phrases in French asking if anyone knew where this house was. Not a single person spoke any English. There was only one general store type place in the village and I had to use hand signals trying to buy something I saw behind the counter that I wanted. It was with hand signals that an old woman pointed out my grandmother’s house.