They might be currently reaping the rewards of having swarms of law enforcement descend on the area, but you can’t have that concentration of law enforcement everywhere along the border. Only in the hot spots, and then only after the fact. Same problem the Romans had in England. They built Hadrian’s Wall and even with that tiny bit of wall and all those guys manning it, they still had infiltrators… our wall/border is orders of magnitude larger and we don’t have anywhere near the manpower to man it effectively everywhere at once.

Which means an area becomes a problem, then our guys rush to the area. The problem moves somewhere else. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Second thing is that the rewards being currently reaped will be small potatoes in comparison to what’s coming, and in hindsight, I bet most of those folks would gladly trade their “rewards” in exchange for a country not overrun with invaders. They are creating a country within a country.

– The Spanish showed up in the New World and, when they had enough guys, took the land from the locals.
– The Mestizos (Spanish/indian hybrid.. or “Mexicans”), when they had enough guys, took the land from the Spanish.
– The Texians were invited in and, when they had enough guys, took the land from the Mexicans.
– Motivated by the Texians, the Americans, when they had enough guys, invaded and took the land from the Mexicans too.
– Now the Mexicans are invading us and, when they get enough guys, they’ll try to take the land.

Bet on it. This WILL happen. Whites are being ethnically cleansed – forced out – from the Southwest on purpose. This “Aztlan” bullshit, which never existed in the history of history, is a motivating factor. The invaders might be slightly less hostile to whites than they are to blacks, but hostile is hostile – they have NO INTEREST in assimilating into US culture, learning English or anything like that. They are only here to soak up as much of our resources as humanly possible before they get enough guys together to make an effective play for the land…

Sooner or later – probably sooner – they will just declare themselves independent, then they’ll ally with Mexico, then they will be annexed by Mexico…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1