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Novus I think the mentality you are talking about comes from all the free stuff handouts they get in CA. There is an odd phenomenon I have noticed amongst Hispanics here in Texas. If you look at a map of Texas and you found HWY 59, the Hispanics south of that line and in the narrowing point of Texas are like the ones I described above. They work hard, speak English and have assimilated to the American culture. Once you get north of that line and go into major cities like San Antonio and Houston where they get all the handouts, the attitude changes. Freebies ruin a group of people. If you look at blacks after they got thier freedom, most were hard workers for many generations. Then came welfare and the ones that moved to the city and started taking handouts got lazier and lazier. Welfare is how our government enslaves people. Hispanics will be in the same boat if they keep on the path they are on.