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Okay, I’ll admit that I don’t log in every day – just not enough time in the day. But today when I did log in here’s what was posted in the “Recent Topics” –

On the Border – Real life experience by Matt76
Fire Pit Cooking (Practice in the Suburbs) – How to do by Sledjockey
Clear Link Found between Vitamin D and Alzheimers – Link by Freedom
How to Make a Water Filter for 1/3 Price of Berkey – Links and How to by Freedom
Don’t Drink the Water – Link by Freedom

What’s the issue here? I realize that at times there may be a bit more “news” than others, but like others have stated, just gloss over them if not interested. For some of us, these “news” stories, whether complete truth or not are the daily “jolt” that keeps us focused on that task at hand. Maybe it is a “guy thing”. I don’t know, but when I read some of them I go “Crap, I’ve gotta get this done soon!”

Tweva, yeah have to agree with Freedom – you are dead wrong. You would be more than missed! Matter of fact, many of us are more than interested in what you have done with your 12 acres. For me, it’s because I want to replicate almost that exact thing that you have already accomplished. At the end of my old “Permaculture for Long Term Survival” you posted that if any of us were interested you’d edu-ma-cate us on your “style” of gardening but that you’d “bore” us! IIRC, myself, Jay and Gypsy wanted you to expound on it. Unless I missed it (completely possible) we never got anything else. I didn’t want to press it as I know you are busy and just chalked it up to that. Maybe in secret you are writing a book on it as I suggested and I just have to wait my time!!! In any case, like many on the site here we religiously read all of your postings because they contain so much info we can use. I’d go out on a limb (not very far mind you) and say that you are probably part of the top 10% of this site who the other 90% NEED to hear from! So please continue to try and wade through the dregs of daily news bytes and weigh in as you see fit on topics you like, or better yet post any topic you wish so we may learn from you. Just like I did with the Peak Prosperity course.

XOCJM – haven’t forgotten this is your post. I thought your marbles were spilling out the first day or so when you posted your pic as your avatar. I read your “had a few beers” response. Been there and I see that you have a new avatar – good for you. No need to just hand it to them….

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