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MB you are absolutely right about the border/South Texas area being a different world lol. Right on the border it is a mix of Mexican descent and Mexicans with the majority being descendants. There are a lot of people in the cities that live in Mexico but work in the US. They commute back and forth every day. They are usually your upper class professionals . What really surprised me years back when I first started working down in that area was how clearly they spoke English. When I run into Hispanics up where I live most of them act like they can’t speak English, but down there most speak it fluently. Many times when you walk into a business on the border the employees will speak to each other in English and only revert to Spanish if someone addresses them in Spanish. It is an interesting experience for a white guy lol. One thing I have noticed is the farther west you go along the border the less American friendly the locals become, not in a violent way but you are more likely to get the “gringo” treatment. As far as them wanting the immigration to happen I am not sure. I think they are indifferent to it. People have been sneaking across the border since it was established. Its and accepted way of life down there. The immigrants don’t stay they move north looking for a place to hide and then blend in and get a job, so the locals aren’t really burdened by them. They are making money off the new business boom from all the border security and don’t have to deal with the illegals much so I wouldn’t expect to hear many complaints from them. Those people just want to live a simple life and not be bothered. I think it isn’t that they are ok with it, it is just kind of out of site out of mind.