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Namelus, great video! An early snowstorm in October a couple years back brought down a tree between my house and my neighbor’s car parked in his driveway. The limbs literally missed my house by a couple inches and his car by a couple inches. I couldn’t have dropped it that well if I tried. It took out my split rail fence and half of a big old lilac bush but the fence was easily replaced and the lilac bush was newly invigorated from being half cut away and was better than ever the next spring.

74, if any of those giant eastern cottonwoods of mine get taken down, it’ll be the professionals doing it. With the largest of them having a circumference of 11′ (waist high). and others not far behind that, my puny 20″ chainsaw couldn’t do more than nick the thing. These trees have limbs as big as full grown trees.